Why would I want to redirect a page?

The most common use of redirecting is to make a top-level page redirect to the first page under it.

How do I redirect a page to a different site?

Step 1: Type or paste the address of the site you wish the page to navigate to when it is selected. Remember to include the "http://" at the beginning.

Step 2: Click "Save" or "Save & Continue".

How do I redirect to a file?

For this, you'll need to know your file's location. The easiest way is to add the file as a link in a text module and copy the path starting from /sites/.

After that, add the path to the Redirect box. For example, if you hover over this link, the status bar shows that it's a page, but opens a file.


How do I redirect a page to another page within my site?

Step 1: Click the "Select Page" link to the right of the text field.

Step 2: Use the resulting drop-down to locate the page you want. Click it.

Step 3: Click "Save" or "Save & Continue".