Mobile-Appropriate Modules

While your mobile site can support all Javelin modules, not all mobile devices and networks can handle the bandwidth (data transfer size and speed) necessary for them to work.

Appropriate Modules

Appropriate, but need adjusting

The modules below will need to be updated to display correctly within the smaller screen sizes for phones. We generally recommend 300 pixels wide for on-page images and 620 pixels wide for popup images. YouTube videos should also be around 300 pixels wide, although using a link instead of the module will ensure the video works across all mobile operating systems.

Inappropriate Modules


There are just too many steps to ensure the process is non-frustrating for mobile users. If it is absolutely necessary that users make purchases from your mobile site, call us at 405-478-4080 or file a support ticket and we'll work out a solution.


The Slideshow module is inappropriate for mobile devices due to the amount of data transferred (bandwidth). If rotating images is necessary, use the Content Rotator module instead.