How does the FAQ module work and what is it used for?

The FAQ module creates a definition list of "terms" and "descriptions." It can also create a list of quicklinks to items further down the page. "Back to top" links are inserted automatically when quicklinks are displayed.


How do I add an FAQ module?

Step 1: Log into Javelin.

Step 2: Choose which web page and region you want to add the module to, then click the black "Add" button above this region.

Click the black Add button to add modules to a region.

Step 3: The Add Module popup will appear. Choose that you would like to insert a "Calendar" module.

Select FAQ from the Add Module popup.

Step 4: The module will appear on the page with filler content. This content is not visible to users or while in View mode.

How do I delete an FAQ module?

Step 1: Hover over the arrow next to "Add Event."

Step 2: Select "Delete."

Step 3: Select "OK" at the prompt.

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How do I move an FAQ module?

Click & drag the module from the four-pointed arrow on its admin bar to move the module between regions or other modules on the page.

How do I add a question/answer to a FAQ module?

Step 1: Click "Add FAQ" from the module's admin bar.

Step 2: Type what you want the title of the section to be in the "Question" text box. This title will show up in a style complimentary to your site. This is what will show up in the quicklinks.

Step 3: Type what you want the explanation to say in the "Answer" area. This are works exactly like a text module. View the tutorial on the Text Module for more details on its capability.

Step 4: Click "Save" to save and exit or "Save & Add More" to save the answer/question and open a new form.

How do I change the titles above the quicklinks and FAQs?

Step 1: Click on the arrow to the right of "Add FAQ" and select "Settings."

Step 2: Type what you want the label to be for the quicklinks under the "Question Title" text input.

Step 3: Type what you want the label to be for the explanations under the "Answer Title" text input.

Do I have to have titles for my quicklinks?

No. Follow the instructions to change the titles, but delete the fields' contents.