Special Characters

To add any of the following characters, press and hold the ALT key while typing the numbers on the 10-key number pad. Release the ALT key when you have finished typing the numbers. The keys at the top of the keyboard will not work.

If you are having trouble using the ALT codes, highlight the character you want to insert from the table below, right-click it and select "Copy". Go to the location in your site where you want the character and paste it into any rich-text editor.

You also have the option of using the HTML entity for the character. Type the entity into the rich-text editor, then save, edit, and save to make the character appear correctly.

Commonly Used Characters

Character NameCharacterALT Code
Copyright © ALT+0169
Registered ® ALT+0174
Trade Mark ALT+0153
M-Dash ALT+196
Right Angle Quote » ALT+0187
Left Angle Quote « ALT+0171
Pound £ ALT+156
Cent ¢ ALT+155
Half Fraction ½ ALT+171
Quarter Fraction ¼ ALT+172
Three-Quarter Fraction ¾ ALT+0190
Degree ° ALT+248
Bullet ALT+249
Section § ALT+21

Character ALT Code Character ALT Code Character ALT Code

ALT+2 ü
ALT+3 é ALT+130 ALT+0133
ALT+4 â ALT+131 ALT+0134
ALT+5 ä ALT+132 ALT+0135
ALT+6 à ALT+133 ˆ ALT+0136
ALT+7 å ALT+134
ALT+8 ç ALT+135 Š ALT+0138
ALT+9 ê ALT+136 ALT+0139
ALT+10 ë ALT+137 Œ ALT+0140
ALT+11 è ALT+138  ALT+0141
ALT+12 ï ALT+139 Ž
ALT+13 î ALT+140
ALT+14 ì ALT+141 ALT+0146
¤ ALT+15 Ä
ALT+16 Å ALT+143 ALT+0148
ALT+17 É ALT+144 ALT+0150
ALT+18 æ ALT+145 ALT+0151
ALT+19 Æ ALT+146 ˜ ALT+0152
ALT+20 ô ALT+147 ALT+0153
§ ALT+21 ö
ALT+148 š ALT+0154
ALT+22 ò ALT+149 ALT+0155
ALT+23 û ALT+150 œ ALT+0156
ALT+24 ù ALT+151 ž ALT+0158
ALT+25 ÿ ALT+152 Ÿ ALT+0159
ALT+26 Ö ALT+153 ¤ ALT+0164
ALT+27 Ü
ALT+154 ¦ ALT+0166
ALT+28 ¢
ALT+155 ¨ ALT+0168
ALT+29 £ ALT+156 © ALT+0169
ALT+30 ¥ ALT+157 ® ALT+0174
ALT+31 P ALT+158 ¯ ALT+0175
(space) ALT+32 ƒ
ALT+159 ³ ALT+0179
! ALT+33 á ALT+160 ´ ALT+0180
" ALT+34 í ALT+161 ¸ ALT+0184
# ALT+35 ó ALT+162 ¹ ALT+0185
$ ALT+36 ú ALT+163 ¾ ALT+0190
% ALT+37 ñ ALT+164 À ALT+0192
& ALT+38 Ñ ALT+165 Á ALT+0193
' ALT+39 ª ALT+166 Â ALT+0194
( ALT+40 º ALT+167 Ã ALT+0195
) ALT+41 ¿ ALT+168 Ä ALT+0196
* ALT+42 ¬ ALT+169 Å ALT+0197
+ ALT+43 ¬ ALT+170 È ALT+0200
, ALT+44 ½ ALT+171 É ALT+0201
- ALT+45 ¼ ALT+172 Ê ALT+0202
. ALT+46 ¡ ALT+173 Ë ALT+0203
/ ALT+47 « ALT+174 Ì ALT+0204
0 ALT+48 » ALT+175 Í ALT+0205
1 ALT+49 ¦ ALT+176 Î ALT+0206
2 ALT+50 ¦ ALT+177 Ï ALT+0207
3 ALT+51 ¦ ALT+178 Ð ALT+0208
4 ALT+52 ¦ ALT+179 Ò ALT+0210
5 ALT+53 ¦ ALT+180 Ó ALT+0211
6 ALT+54 ¦
ALT+181 Ô ALT+0212
7 ALT+55 ¦ ALT+182 Õ ALT+0213
8 ALT+56 + ALT+183 Ö ALT+0214
9 ALT+57 + ALT+184 × ALT+0215
: ALT+58 ¦ ALT+185 Ø ALT+0216
; ALT+59 ¦
ALT+186 Ù ALT+0217
< ALT+60 +
ALT+187 Ú ALT+0218
= ALT+61 + ALT+188 Û ALT+0219
> ALT+62 +
ALT+189 È ALT+0220
? ALT+63 + ALT+190 Ý ALT+0221
@ ALT+64 + ALT+191 Þ ALT+0222
A ALT+65 +
ALT+192 ã ALT+0227
B ALT+66 -
ALT+193 ð ALT+0240
C ALT+67 - ALT+194 ý ALT+0253
D ALT+68 +
ALT+195 þ ALT+0254
E ALT+69 -
F ALT+70 ¦ ALT+197
G ALT+71 ¦ ALT+198
H ALT+72 ¦ ALT+199
I ALT+73 + ALT+200
J ALT+74 ALT+201
K ALT+75 - ALT+202
L ALT+76 - ALT+203
M ALT+77 ¦ ALT+204
N ALT+78 -
O ALT+79 + ALT+206
P ALT+80 - ALT+207
Q ALT+81 - ALT+208
R ALT+82 - ALT+209
S ALT+83 - ALT+210
T ALT+84 + ALT+211
U ALT+85 + ALT+212
V ALT+86 + ALT+213
W ALT+87 + ALT+214
X ALT+88 + ALT+215
Y ALT+89 + ALT+216
Z ALT+90 + ALT+217
[ ALT+91 + ALT+218
\ ALT+92 ¦ ALT+219
] ALT+93 _
^ ALT+94 ¦ ALT+221
_ ALT+95 ¦
` ALT+96 ¯ ALT+223
a ALT+97 α ALT+224
b ALT+98 ß ALT+225
c ALT+99 Γ ALT+226
d ALT+100 π ALT+227
e ALT+101 Σ ALT+228
f ALT+102 σ ALT+229
g ALT+103 µ
h ALT+104 τ ALT+231
i ALT+105 Φ ALT+232
j ALT+106 Θ
k ALT+107 Ω ALT+234
l ALT+108 δ ALT+235
m ALT+109
n ALT+110 φ ALT+237
o ALT+111 ε ALT+238
p ALT+112
q ALT+113 ALT+240
r ALT+114 ± ALT+241
s ALT+115 ALT+242
t ALT+116 ALT+243
u ALT+117 ( ALT+244
v ALT+118 ) ALT+245
w ALT+119 ÷ ALT+246
x ALT+120 ALT+247
y ALT+121 ° ALT+248
z ALT+122 ·
{ ALT+123 ·
| ALT+124 ALT+251
} ALT+125 n ALT+252
~ ALT+126 ² ALT+253
¦ ALT+127 ¦ ALT+254