Advanced Form Fields

Standard Fields

File Uploads
File uploads can be limited to a single file, or allow for multiple files. The type and size of the file or files can be limited on the backend.
This field cannot be accurately styled and will display pretty much however the browser wishes to display it.
Hidden Field
Hidden fields are used to send data through the form that a user cannot modify nor see.
This field has multiple uses, although most are backend-specific.
Number Input
Number fields allow for integer (whole-number) or decimal inputs. They can be limited to a minimum and maximum number, as well as have the spinner (up and down arrows within the field) increment or decrement by a specific amount.
Password Input
Password inputs are special text inputs which mask the characters entered into the field.
Range Input
Ranges or sliders are special number inputs that allow the user to slide the value instead of click or type.
Additional Javascript programming can be added to allow the slider to display the value or match to text ranges like Very Unsatisfied to Exceeded Expectations.


Calendar Picker
Clicking on the field will bring up a Javascript-powered calendar. Users who browse the web without Javascript (which is a very low number) will not see the popup.
TinyMCE Editor
A limited editor can be made available to regular users. This is especially helpful when requesting database-driven information, such as product descriptions.